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chargEV is a public electric vehicle (EV) charging network in Malaysia. Via a chargEV card, drivers can access all the public charging stations on the chargEV network!

ChargeNow is BMW’s global e-Mobility service moniker. In Malaysia, ChargeNow users can use the chargEV’s nationwide network.

All the plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) or battery electric (BEV) cars officially sold on the Malaysian market are compatible with the chargEV network. Check out the table below:

You will need a chargEV card and a compatible charging cable.

You can sign up at and get your card to collect or delivered to your doorstep. You are to have a copy of your driving license or car registration card handy for verification purposes.

Cards are RM240/year. It is renewable online upon expiry.

Yes, you can also get multiple cards.

You can use this card for multiple cars and are able to share it with family and friends provided that your chargEV card is activated.

Our charging stations are fitted with a type 2 charging outlet. So, type 2 charging cables are needed to plug-in. Sometimes your car dealer includes this in your purchase. You can also buy them online. Here is a picture of what they look like:

Here in Malaysia, we adopt the standards set upon by the IEC for AC charging stations. Generally, Type 1 is known as the Japanese or J-plug and Type 2 is common for Continental cars. Here is what those plugs look like: